Answer: THE Las Vegas Real Estate Concierge

I know everything (well almost everything) there is to know about life on and off the Vegas Strip-restaurants, shows, hiking, boating, schools, neighborhoods, surgeons-as well as local market trends. I am your trusted advisor, ready to service all your Vegas real estate needs.

My Business Philosophy:

1. I put my clients’ needs before my own. As Carolyn Hax says, “You always win when you do the right thing, even when the victory isn’t pretty.”

2. I am your advocate. I never work both sides of a transaction so I can fight hard for you.

3. I bring real value.  After 33 years as a licensee, I have survived three real estate booms and busts. I understand the nuances of the marketplace no matter where we are in the cycle. Real estate is difficult today. This is the time to hire an experienced agent, not someone learning on the job.


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