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Uber + Regional Transportation Comission=More Convenience for Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, if your cell phone is charged and you have the Uber app, you are good to go. (Literally!)

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Our own Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) agreed to form an alliance with Uber to make it much easier for us to get around town without driving our own cars and having to pay for parking (I call it highway robbery) at most Strip casinos.

Tourists who lost all their money at the craps table (thank you for educating the children of Clark County; it wasn’t all a waste!) can now get to the airport affordably.

You can now purchase bus passes on the Uber app in Las Vegas

How The New App Works

Here’s how it works. Bus riders and car riders can now book both kinds of rides on one app. Bus riders do this by purchasing RTC bus passes on their devices through the Uber app.

Bus riders can find all their favorites on Uber’s menu bar in the “Transit Section”:

  • Strip and All Access passes
  • Hourly passes
  • Monthly passes

Just board the bus and scan the ticket from your phone on the onboard validation devices.

Your bus tickets are available even when you are off line.

You can now get your bus pass on the Uber app

How You Can Save Money

But this marriage gets even better: You can ride your Uber to a bus stop and then board the bus, making your journey even more economical.

Uber rolled out this hybrid program in Denver last May. Las Vegas is the second city (not Chicago!) to see if public and private can work together for the good of …us!

OK, Las Vegas, I love to “get appy!”

P.S. Dear readers, if you use the hybrid modality to get to the Strip or the airport, let me know how it really works.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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