Why List With BETH Ellyn Rosenthal?

My goal is to sell your home  for the highest price in the shortest amount of time with the least hassle. The key to this is creative marketing. Listing with me promises you maximum exposure globally. Since 80 percent of today’s buyers use the Internet to find a home, I harness my own Web site, the company’s Web site, Craig’s List and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to let the world know about your home. I will even create a Web site for your home and then list it on Goggle Places.

Do I Have to Pay a Six Percent Commission?

NO! I know you want to net top dollar for your home. You have three pricing options. In all three cases we will pay the buyer’s agent three percent.

Option 1: 1 percent to me (4 percent total)

I will:

  • Put the home in the MLS
  • Negotiate with the buyers
  • Review your HUD-1 (the closing document) and your preliminary title report


  • Do all the marketing
  • Show the house
  • Bring the buyer
  • Select the title company

Option 2: 3 percent to me (6 percent total)

I will:

  • Put the home in the MLS
  • Do all the marketing
  • Create a Web site for your home
  • Create a virtual tour of your home
  • Organize showings
  • Check out your buyers’ viability
  • Negotiate with all qualified buyers
  • Review your HUD-1 and your preliminary title report
  • Help you set up inspections
  • Help you close the deal


  • Sign the contract that works for you
  • Supervise and pay for inspections
  • Show up at closing with the money

Option 3: 3 percent to me, 1 percent bonus to the buyer’s agent (7 percent total)

  • This is the same as Option 2, except it incents the buyers’ agent to look at your house first because they make more money. This is a good option in today’s buyer’s market if you can afford it. Time is money!

How Do You Determine the Listing Price?

Together we will come up with a price that you feel is appropriate after we do the following steps:

  1. Study three sources of pricing:
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • A comparable market analysis (CMA) I will provide from data from the Las Vegas MLS

2. A home tour

We put on our buyer’s hat and visit every home your prospective buyer will look at in your neighborhood. Eye-opening!


What If My House Doesn’t Sell in the First Two Weeks?

If we haven’t gotten an offer in the first 14 days, we priced the home too high. (Who knew?) We agree to lower the price a set amount at set intervals until the contracts appear. Remember, all you need is one buyer to love your house.


Want a FREE Consultation?

Let’s schedule a free consultation. I will provide market data. Then I will listen. Together we will determine the best marketing plan for you.



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