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Micromorts: Why I am ecstatically happy Las Vegas is opening up but why I am only working (Please don’t look at my hair or hands!)

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Welcome back, Las Vegas!

JUNE 4. The magic date. In two weeks Las Vegas casinos will be back in business. Restaurants are open! Life is returning to normal.

Thank goodness. It’s about time!

But other than selling real estate and managing my rental fempire, I am remaining unhappily quarantined at home.

Here’s why.

What I AM Doing

I am working!

The home I listed on May 4 got under contract in 11 days. I am out and about making sure my sellers have a successful closing in early June.

And the rent house that had a major plumbing leak in the master closet–well, that got fixed properly too. So did the block wall that cracked from the roots of the neighbor’s now 20-foot-tall Mondel pine.

My 19-month old Irish setter puppy needed emergency surgery. She’s not out of the woods yet but she’s recovering.

Gracie after her surgery

I had to get a smog test because my car registration is due. Did that too.

None of these tasks could wait.

What I am NOT doing

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I love my wine tastings

I have not had a hair cut or mani/pedi since early March. You know what I look like…because you’ve been there too.

I am not doing either of those things even though now I can.

I am not going out to eat in a restaurant or attending dinner parties. I am not meeting friends. I am not going to the dentist. I am not working out with my trainer.

I am not going to the dog park when the puppy feels better. I am not going to the dog groomer. My labradoodle looks shaggier than me, if that’s possible.

It’s just me and my zoo sheltering in place.

Here’s how I made that decision.

What is a micromort?

This is the symbol for a micromort

I learned about micromorts in a Zoom call. I have a master’s degree from Columbia. Columbia professors are hosting Zoom calls on their specialties. I was curious about statistics, so I spent 60 minutes learning.

A micromort measures a one-in-a-million chance of dying. In other words, it measures the risk of sudden death. People use it to measure the risk of day-to-day activities.

Normal American life generates one micromort. I have a one-in-a-million chance of dying in say a car wreck on the 215, getting murdered in a home invasion or being struck by lightening.

According to the CDC, New York City, the nation’s Covid-19 hottest spot, saw 24,000 more deaths from March 15 to May 9 than it did during the same period in years past. This translates into 50 additional micromorts.

So if I lived in NYC, my micromort number would be 51. I looked up a micromort chart. Using heroin has a micromort of 38.

Having a baby is 120 micromorts, in case you were curious…. But I digress.

If you get infected with the virus, the micromort numbers change drastically…for the worse. A one percent fatality rate equals 10,000 micromorts.

Mt. Everest

On the chart I looked at, the highest number was 12,000 micromorts. That translated into the chances of dying on a climb in the Himalayas above 26,000 feet. That’s where K2 and Mt. Everest sit.

Oh, and those numbers apply for someone 38 years old. I am facing my 41st 29th birthday. At my age the risk can be as much as 10 percent higher. I don’t even want to calculate that! Just too many zeros.

So yes, those numbers are scary to a fossil like moi.

For me, the decision to remain quarantined except for work makes sense given my age. This is not about politics because a virus doesn’t pick sides. We are all in a battle with Mother Nature. For me, the numbers are on her side, not mine.

P.S. If you are out and about invigorating our economy, THANK YOU!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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