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I Saw a Live Comedy Show Covid-Style!!!!

Las Vegas Henderson Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty
Las Vegas Henderson Beth Ellyn Rosenthal eXp Realty
People coming together could sit at the picnic tables.

Live comedy is back, Covid-style. (That’s like Gangnam-style only in Las Vegas.)

The folks at the Dreamland Drive-In and the impresarios at the Tickle Me Comedy Club crafted a solution given the pressing pandemic.

Dreamland bills itself as the world’s first drive-in dinner theater. It’s really the large parking lot for the FreshWata Studios. Tickle Me Comedy Club had shows at the Eclipse Theater pre-pandemic. Instead of a movie you saw live comedy.

I have been under virtual house arrest since March 13 and I felt safe attending this show. So far no symptoms either.

Here’s how it worked.

Book everything by phone

Checking in by checking your phone

Interested parties booked a reservation online. You got a confirmation in your email.

You showed the confirmation to the ticket takers at the entrance. They gave you a wrist band so you could get out of your car to stretch your feet or go to the bathroom inside the building, which was outside the theater area.

Your car also got a number on the windshield so the servers could find you if you ordered anything.

A tall stage and a great sound system were nestled against the building. Employees guided you to your parking spot. Cars were wedged in four deep. They were adept at lining everyone up. Did any of them work at McCarran guiding planes to the gate? They were that good.

DJ Jason Outlaw played great tunes as everyone was pulling in. Many got out of their cars and started dancing to the beat.

When the sun went down, the show started.

The sound was so loud you could hear through the windows. But I just rolled my windows down and sat in my comfortable SUV. It really wasn’t unbearably hot.

I did get out of my car to see the magic when Murray Sawchuck appeared.

If you came with a group, you could sit at the picnic tables off to the right. This was the cheapest option: $100 for four people.

The show was expensive: $75 for two. But it was sooo worth it.

P.S. They guided everyone out too. Not a scratch on any vehicle anywhere.

Dinner and drinks came straight to your car

Food trucks served dinner

Food trucks were parked in the staging area. You could order directly or use your phone. Then masked servers brought the food to your car.

If you needed a libation, you had to go into the building to order. Prices were remarkably reasonable. Bottled water and sodas cost just $3. Mixed drinks would set you back $7 and a beer cost $5.

The servers also came around and picked you your trash. No need to mess up your car!

Top talent performed

I love comedy and has seen everyone of these performers before. But never in this kind of setting.

Here’s who performed:

  • Steven Pearl
  • Nikki Carr
  • Thai Rivera
  • Dillon Dilligaf
  • Isaac Israel
  • Donny Johnson
  • Evan Green
  • Murray Sawchuck

Money went to charity

Pre-Covid comedy shows were at the Eclipse Theater

The admission price benefited both Golden Rainbow and The Actors Fund.

Jennifer Romas’ Sexxy is next

The show is usually at the Westgate

The show is dubbed “Tops Down.” Ha. Ha. You can show up even if you don’t have a convertible.

The producers claim this is the first adult production ever staged at a drive-in. The women won’t be totally topless though. The county is requiring them to wear pasties. (How 1970s.)

It’s the full cast and the full show, though. All 10 dancers and singer Gabriella Versace. The pole will be off to the side.

This show adds one more charity to the mix: Pawtastic Friends, which provides food, shelter and medical care to homeless dogs. Aw.

This show costs $90 for two people per car and $120 for four in the car.

The Sexxy show is also going to livestream this performance for $29.95 at driveinsexxyshow.com.

The show starts at 9 pm July 1-3.

The Dreamland Drive-in is off south Valley View and west Russell on Diablo Drive.


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