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How do you (safely) go grocery shopping????

The produce offerings at Smith’s on Valle Verde during the pandemic

One friend brings a sprayer filled with a water and bleach mixture to spray down all his groceries in the cart in the parking lot of the grocery story BEFORE he puts them in the car. (He worked in an immunology lab in college.)

Another strips down in the garage and washes his clothes immediately on the hottest cycle before entering the house after a grocery run.

I immediately use my Neil Med nasal wash because it’s a respiratory virus, right?

After learning in excruciating detail how a dear friend survived Covid-19, I determined I want to avoid the experience at all costs. I decided to never leave my house. But I did have to go to one place: the grocery store.

Suddenly, any activity that gave me great pleasure–I always go to a local supermarket when I travel internationally–is causing great anxiety.

Vincent Munster, a virologist at the Rock Mountain Laboratories, part of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Dr. Fauci’s domain), asserts the primary form of Covid-19 transmission is person-to-person, not through food or food containers. He says the virus, when outside a host (you and me), “degrades quickly and becomes less infectious in a matter of hours.”

Dr. David Aronoff, director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University, told NPR ” the vast majority of the virus is no longer infectious after 24 hours” and is “undetectable” after 72 hours.

My (crazy?) routine

I know. I know….

Here is a routine that makes me feel safe. Feel, of course, may have nothing to do with really being safe or….even making a difference.

  • Hair. I put my long hair in a pony tail to cut down on the chance I will touch it.
  • Jewelry. I take off all my jewelry and don’t wear it to the grocery store.
  • Purse. I put my driver’s license and one credit card in the zip pocket of my pants. I leave my purse at home.
  • Shoes. I have always adopted the Asian view that you take off your street shoes at the front door. Let’s face it. The bottom of your shoes are nasty.
  • Phone. Phones are not too far behind the bottom of your shoes in the nasty column. Even in the 1980s when we all had Bell Labs phones, I wiped down the receiver of the landline every few days. Now I am even more vigilant in cleaning off that mini-computer in my pocket.

In the Store

  • Mask. I wear a mask in the store to respect you.
  • No talking! I try not to talk to anyone. Don’t talk!!!!!!!
  • Check out. I wait in the cashier line so I only have to put my credit card in the machine.

When I get home

I know this irrational but…

I take all the plastic bags from the trunk of the car and unload them in the garage.

I have an old refrigerator in the garage. Everything that needs refrigeration or freezing goes into that icebox.

Everything else goes on a shelf in the garage.

And then I wait. Nothing comes in my house for 24 hours.

When I get in the house, the first thing I do is wash my hands. Then I use my Neil Med nasal spray. Then, for good measure, I change clothes.

What about fresh produce?

Rinse in cold water. NO bleach!

The old rules apply here. Always wash your hands before handling any food. Wash anything you are going to eat raw under running cool water.

Oh, and don’t rinse anything you are going to eat with bleach. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

So far, so good.

What do you do to make you feel safe?????

Be safe. Be strong. Be healthy.

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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