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FREE Rides Home Because You Don’t Want to Go to Jail!

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo promises you will go to jail if you drink and drive tonight on Las Vegas roads. I can’t imagine the food is that good at Clark County jail. And not a real fun way to start 2020.

How can you welcome in the new year without bubbly?????

Fortunately, revelers who can’t bring in the new year without lots of champagne or other alcoholic beverages have choices.

Your faithful Las Vegas Real Estate Concierge is here to help you start off the new year in your own bed. Here are some options:

  • Lyft. Lyft has pleged $20,000 (a lot of money to me! THANK you Lyft) to help underwrite your ride home. Just type in the code LASNYE when you order your ride. You’ll get up to $5 off the fare for up to two rides. The offer starts at 10 am December 31 and stops at 4 pm January 1. Plenty of time to par-tee.
  • FREE bus rides. I know it’s not kewl to ride the bus. This former New Yorker who didn’t have a driver’s license until she was 21has never been on a Las Vegas bus. However, going to jail makes riding the bus sound like a great idea tonight.
Enjoy the fireworks, then don’t even tempt the fireworks that will happen if you drink and drive

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is offering FREE bus rides from 6 pm tonight until 9 am tomorrow. Hey, it might be fun riding the bus!

Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Talk to you next year!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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