10 Steps To Purchase A Home In Today’s Las Vegas Market

 Even though the Wall Street investors have left the building, the practices they forced us to make to compete with them turned out to be best practices in any market. Here are the steps I recommend to win your dream house in today’s competitive market:

1.  Select a lender.

I like to interview two local lenders and then compare them with QuickenLoans, an online mortgage company. Select the one that feels right to you…and has the best programs!

2. Ask the lender to pre-approve you, not pre-qualify you.

Pre-approval means you go through the underwriting process first, before you select a house. When this process is complete, the lender will tell you exactly how much house you can afford.

3.  Establish your required needs and possible wants.

 4. Identify three-five neighborhoods that meet your needs and price range.

The best way to do this is still driving around. Searching on this Web site is good, too.

 5. Share this information with me and I will set up an automated system so you receive emails of homes that fit your requirements.

 6. Go shopping!

 7. Submit a win-win offer to the seller.

 8. Have a home inspection after the home is under contract.

 9. Schedule and attend the closing at the title company’s office.

 10. Once Clark County has recorded your deed (usually 24 hours after closing,) crank up the moving truck. The fun begins….


Watch these videos for more information on the home ownership process.


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