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BE’s Video Equipment Wish List

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Video is THE key ingredient to marketing anything in 2020. What exactly do you need to do this successfully?

GREAT Content

Only one answer here: GREAT content. You can make the suckiest video ever and it won’t matter if you have something important to say.

True story. I have rental properties in three states. In March I cut my tenants’ rents in half to help them survive the pandemic. This was forbearance NOT forgiveness. They had to sign a loan document detailing how they would pay me back so we were all clear.

I teach an online Content Creation Mastermind class every Thursday. (It’s FREE. You can come. Just email/text. But I digress.) I wanted to teach the class how to add embed codes to their blogs.

I had to make a video to show them how to find the embed code in YouTube. Since I had just lowered my tenants’ rents, I made a video about it. I didn’t write a script. I didn’t rehearse. I didn’t even comb my long white hair. I just recorded the video so I could upload it to YouTube and get an embed code.

Since it was done, I wrote a post on my Facebook business page and then boosted the post. Hey, I recorded it. Why not?

Here are the smashing results.

OMG. Look at these numbers. The two that matter are Post Engagements and Thuplays (people who watched at least 15 seconds of the video.) I can now make those people into Facebook custom audiences and market to them all day long. They are my peeps!

My point is: boosting this Facebook post was an after thought. I didn’t even put in subtitles! (A cardinal sin.) I had great content, so it worked.

Case closed.

Do I need special equipment to make great videos?

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Your phone or the video recorder on your desktop computer or tablet are good enough.

Do not spend one single cent. Just get started.

However, I confess I do have special equipment.

Desktop Equipment

I make a lot of my videos and Facebook live events from my desktop

Here is what I have. I’ve added the Amazon links.

I love the Logitech camera. It comes with its own tripod. I have it sitting on a cookie tin (I ate all the cookies) so it’s the right height.

Rode makes THE best mics, but they are expensive. The Samson is just as good at a much lower price point. I don’t use ring lights because my office is all windows and the natural light is luscious. But you do need a cheap LED ring light if your desk is in the dark.

  1. Video camera. Logitech C90 Hd Pro.

2. Samson Meteor Mic

3. Rode VideoMicro Compact Mic

4. Meifigno Selfie pole camera LED ring light

Mobile video equipment

I am facing my 41st 29th birthday, so I don’t have the steadiest of hands. So I always use a tripod when taking any videos or photos with my phone.

I love my Joby GorillaPod tripod because it has magnetic feet. Just put in on metal and it’ll stay there. And it has a bluetooth remote that you sync to your phone.

That’s why I also love the Syosin selfie stick. It’s just $17 and also has a bluetooth remote.

If you have Apple AirPods or in my case Samsung Galaxy Buds (yes, I went over to the dark side!), they are a great work around.

I gave you three mic choices. Rode is the Tesla of microphones. I hear Shure is amazing. It snugs right up to your iPhone; you have to get a special mount if you have an Android phone. The PoP is very affordable and works almost as well.

Gimbals are stabilizers. You use them when you are walking toward someone (that someone actually has the phone making the video.) There is a learning curve to set these up, so I warned you.

The DGI is the far superior product but the Zhi Yun is far easier to learn. I don’t have an in-house camera person, so I don’t have one. This is the report from my mentors.

  1. Joby JBO 1503 GorillaPod tripod

2. Shure MV99 Portable iOS microphone

3. PoP Voice Upgraded lavalier microphone

4. Rode smartLAV+ Lavalier Microphone

5. DJI Osmo Mobile 3-Axis Gimbal

6. Zhi Yun 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer

7. Syosin Selfie Stick with tripod

8. Selfie Ring Light for cell phones

One more tip

I keep the mobile equipment in my car so it’s always with me.

I never thought I could figure this video stuff out because I am a Luddite. I went to college with an IBM selectric typewriter. My first phone was a Bell Labs rotary dial phone. But I did figure it out and it’s now fun!

So you can too. Try it, you’ll like it!

((hugs)) BETH Ellyn

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